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Thiết bị Converter

  • Ethernet to V.35 converter

    Ethernet to V.35 converter

    Ethernet to V.35 converter provide conversion from V.35 channel to Ethernet interface, and delivers Ethernet services over existing V.35 lines, RJ-45 type port for Ethernet.

  • RS-232 to CMOS/TTL converter

    RS-232 to CMOS/TTL converter

    AN-RS-232-TTL converter provides low cost solution for converting the RS-232 serial com port generated signals to CMS/TTL level signals for prototype or testing low level microprocessor or microcontroller based systems

  • 4-port/8-port RS-485 hub

    4-port/8-port RS-485 hub

    AN-H-RS485-4(8) is a RS-485 bus split hub specially designed to meet the demand of RS-485 system in complicated electromagnetic field environment, avilable in 4 and 8 port versions

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