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  • Loop AM-3440D

    Loop AM-3440D

    The Loop-AM3440-D is the latest product in the Loop Access DCS-MUX series that combines various digital access interfaces into E1 lines for convenient transport and switching. With 9 hot-pluggable mini size slots design, the Loop-AM3440-D provides access for a variety of TDM, IP, and voice interfaces.

  • Modem G.SHDSL Loop-H3300

    Modem G.SHDSL Loop-H3300

    The Loop-H3300-3S is an addition to our H3300 family of CPE products that are based on the G.SHDSL transmission standard. They use the standard 16/32-TCPAM line format over

  • Loop-IP6700 TDMoEthernet

    Loop-IP6700 TDMoEthernet

    Loop-IP6700 TDMoEthernet is used to transport TDM traffic over IP network, in addition to Ethernet traffic. As the core communications network migrates from TDM to IP, the

  • IP6704A TDMoEthernet

    IP6704A TDMoEthernet

    The Loop-IP6704A device allows operators to transport E1 ,T1*, E&M, X.21, or RS232 data stream with timing information over PSN (Packet Switched Network) via Pseudowire Protocol – SAToP/CESoPSN/MEF8*.

  • Thiết bị PCM AM-3440A

    Thiết bị PCM AM-3440A


    Thiết bị Loop-AM3440-A là thiết bị truy cập DCS-MUX tích hợp nhiều giao diện truy cập kỹ thuật số khác nhau luồng E1 hoặc  T1 cho truyền dẫn và chuyển mạch.

  • V4300 Mini DACS E1/T1 Converter

    V4300 Mini DACS E1/T1 Converter

    The Loop-V4300 Mini DACS E1/T1 converter provides both DS0 and n x 64 Kbps cross-connect between any T1 and E1 ports and E1 to T1 format conversion functions.



    A high-density cross-connect rack system, the Loop-O9400R provides a complete set of operation interfaces with full add and drop capabilities.

  • Thiết bị PCM 30 AM3440-B

    Thiết bị PCM 30 AM3440-B

    The AM3440-B is the smallest of all the AM3440 chassis. At 2.5U and with 4 mini-slots and just 3 single slots, this device is ideal for customers needing a smaller-scale access DCS-MUX.

  • O9170S SDH STM-1 MUX

    O9170S SDH STM-1 MUX

    Loop-O9170S is an economical, cost-effective SDH STM-1 Mux designed to combine digital access interfaces including TDM, IP,




    The Loop-O9550-D SDH/SONET IMAP (Integrated Multi-Service Access Platform) is an economical STM-1/4 (OC-3/12) access multiplexer.

  • Bộ đổi nguồn 24VDC to 48VDC, loại 10A

    Bộ đổi nguồn 24VDC to 48VDC, loại 10A

    Product Model : YK-DD24S4810

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