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SEC Polycell Solar series

The SEC Polycell Solar series is ideal for residential, commercial or utility solar projects. A performance efficiency of up to 16.6% combined with low whole system costs, give you an excellent price to performance ratio, and a fast return on investment.

A combination of market-leading cell manufacturing technology, and a guaranteed positive power output tolerance up to 5W, make SEC’s latest solar module a cost effective yet powerful choice for installations of any size.

The PolyCell offers high tolerance in extreme weather condition and is certified to resist extreme wind (3800 Pascal) and snow (5400 Pascal) load tests. A rugged waterproof junction box is fitted as standard to reduce weather condition stress on cables.

Every SEC module is twice checked for electroluminescence (EL) to ensure we only supply premium modules as part of our complete energy solution packages. High quality raw materials and precise manufacturing ensure resistance to Potential Induced Degradation (PID) is dramatically increased.

Our innovative module design includes four bus bars for extreme stability. The quality structure also provides a reduction in electrode resistance, residual stress, and fewer micro-cracks. This reduces the risk of hotspots across the module and extends life.

Available in a wide range of sizes, the SEC PolyCell module ticks all the boxes. It meets the IEC 61701, IEC 62716, DIN and EN 60068-2-68 standards of tolerance and come with a 12-year product warranty. Further to this, we offer a 25-year linear performance warranty based on nominal power.

  • High module conversion efficiency
  • Positive power output tolerance
  • High tolerance to extreme weather condition
  • Twice inspected for 100% electroluminescence
  • Waterproof junction box as standard
  • High PID resistance
  • Mismatch protection
  • Innovative design with four busbars
  • Extended warranty based on nominal power
  • Alternative energy storage
  • Clean energy
  • Renewables
  • Solar
  • solar modules
  • solar panels
  • Solar power

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