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Modem Scada TD-36 485 AV/LV

Advanced telephone- and leased line modem for industrial applications

TD-36 485
Modem for industrial PSTN- and 2/4-wire leased line applications

The TD-36 485 is an analogue V.34 PSTN modem as well as an industrial 2/4-wire leased line modem. V.34 provides data rates up to 33.6kbit/s on the communication line. Several features make it ideal for use in industrial applications: Password protection, dial-back security and caller ID answering are only some of its features. A digital input can be used to send alarm messages as text or SMS.
The inbuilt digital output can be remotely switched. For redundant use, the PSTN dial backup function is useful. In case of a leased line failure,
the modem will establish a dial backup link. It is equipped with RS-232 and RS-485/422 interfaces.
A Windows modem driver is supplied with the unit for PC based applications. TD-36 485 is the ideal choice for industrial dial-up and 2/4 wire leased line applications that demand the highest reliability.

Configuration and diagnostics
The TD-36 485 is configurable via its serial interface in several ways, either via standard terminal emulation software using AT-Hayes commands or the Westermo TD-tool configuration software, Additionally the TD-36 485 can be configured via its onboard DIP-switches. TD-Tool is a Windows based configuration
GUI that simplifies setting up the modems, connection statistics can be viewed and configurations saved for further use. To assit in fault finding and reconfiguration of unmanned stations, the modem can be configured remotely via a PSTN connection.

Harsh industrial environment
TD-36 485 is designed to function reliably within industrial environments and in areas of high-level interference.The modem is equipped with transient protection on the line side and a “watchdog” that monitors and automatically resets the modem in the event of a fault.
TD-36 485 is designed to be mounted easily on to a 35 mm DIN-rail, it has screw terminal connections, an extended temperature range from -25°C to +70°C and is tri galvanically isolated. The power supply operates over a wide input range, and can be delivered with different power supply options.
The construction of the units has gone through extensive testing and approvals both by Westermo and approved test houses. The TD-36 485 is approved for use in Europe, as well as in USA and Canada.

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