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AAB-I P5 All in One Solar Street Light

*Automatic Light Control+Time Control
*Infrared Human Sensor (PIR)

AAB solar lighting systems care for a variety of lighting applications such as Pathways, Stairwells, Strata, Walk Ramps, Gates, Fence & Car Parks.

Introducing the new AAB-IP series which retains the ‘All In One’ features but on a larger scale, the new solar engine is a cost effective and versatile solution for medium sized applications.

Its available in a traditional ‘All In One’ design Offer with 4 different brackets includes split fitter bracket for round and square lamp post,square bracket for square post also wall installed bracket for wall lamp use.

These brackets can be adjusted to it’s optimised position to provide greater lighting distribution.This design illumination photometric sepecially use in Australia market. The AAB-IP series which combines a highly efficient solar panel which connected to a high capacity lithium-ion battery and motion sensor also super bright 170lm/W LED light source

1. Garden,Residence,Courtyard
2. Main roads and avenue
3. Mining area and parking lot
4. Areas with no-electrical supply
5. Best lighting solution for Island

This standalone solar streetlights are very simple to use, no separate battery pack required and no complicated wiring or settings. All you need to do is to attach it with screws to the post and press the on/off button. That is all.
The solar street light will switch on when the sun sets and switch off when the sun rises. When there is no one around, it will dim itself to improve power efficiency, however, when any one approaches, it will increase its brightness by a factor of four.

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